Green light for Bulgarian feature projects

By Pavlina Jeleva
    Six film productions and five projects in development have been chosen to receive 2.1 million Euros in support from Bulgarian state funds.

    Based on the national committee decision, the freshly nominated NFC (http://www.nfc.bg/) Executive Director Alexander Donev officially approved the new titles for public support.

    The committee was impressed by Ivan Nichev's A Concert for Survivals dedicated to the WWII era when thousands of Jews were saved from deportation and death in Bulgaria. Known for his ability to work on mega projects and with international partners, Nichev (Journey to Jerusalem, 2003) intends to make a new co-production between his Cinemascope - I.Nichev and Israeli producer Nissim Levy.

    One of Bulgaria's leading directors/scriptwriters Lyudmil Todorov (Seamstresses, 2007) was selected for his bizarre and promising The Migration of the Belted Bonito taking place between a village in North Bulgaria and the Black Sea shore. This time Todorov intends to work also as producer served by his own production company (ЕТ L.Todorov).

    Ilia Kostov (Time for Women, 2007) was chosen for Under the Rainbow. Unfolding in four episodes the film will follow the destinies of a doctor, an opera singer, a journalist and an orthodox priest. Scriptwriter/director Kostov applied with his own ‘Nike - I' production company.

    Petar Odadzhiev (A Movie Buff at the Turn of the Century, 2007 NYIIFVF Best International Documentary award) will make his feature film debut with his communist secret services drama The Chaser of Sounds (Odavision Productions). Two newcomers will make their directorial debuts: Konstantin Bourov with Mice Poison (Bulfilm Ltd) and the new partnership between DoP Dimitar Gochev and Kostantin Bojanov with Ave (Elements Ltd).

    The national financial committee will make the final decisions on the concrete amounts step-by-step in accordance with the producers' ability to complete the public support with further financing.