Bulgaria's new Minister of Culture promises a film fund

By Pavlina Jeleva
    Bulgaria's new minster of culture Vezhdi Rashidov, the new Bulgarian minister of culture, has appointed former National Film Centre (NFC, www.nfc.bg) director Dimitar Dereliev as a vice-minister.

    Responding to persistent calls from Bulgarian film community on the urgent establishment of a film fund, Dereliev promised changes in film and audiovisual legislation.

    An active promoter of Nu Boyana Film (nuboyana.com), Dereliev (who until recently worked with Nu Boyana chief David Varod as member of his management board) announced that Silvester Stallone is planned to shoot the next Rambo in Bulgaria in May 2010. He also promised visits to Nu Boyana Film by Hollywood stars including Al Pacino and Robert and Robert De Niro. The news has not been confirmed by the studio.