PRODUCTION: Cowboys Wrap Shooting

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Cowboys, dir.Tomislav Mršić’s Cowboys, dir.Tomislav Mršić’s

ZAGREB: Tomislav Mršić’s dramatic comedy Cowboys completed shooting on 2 March 2013.

The film will premiere at Pula Film Festival in July and will be released locally by Blitz film and video in October 2013.

Based on a Croatian play by Saša Anočić, and popular with the young generation, Cowboys/Kauboji focuses on eight people facing a lifetime opportunity to put on a theater production. The cinema medim will add one additional element, as the stage play already used the theater within a theater motif.

Mršić also wrote the script and used the cast from the stage play: Saša Anočić, Zivko Anočić, Hrvoje Barišić, Kruno Klabučar, Radovan Ruždjak, Rakan Rushaidat and Ivana Rushaidat.

Suzana Pandek is producing through the Croatian company Kabinet in coproduction with Croatian Radiotelevision.

The project used a production grant of 370,000 Euro from the Croatian Audiovisual Center. Given the success of the stage play, it is expected that the film will draw as much attention.



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Director: Tomislav Mršić
Script: Tomislav Mršić
Cast: Saša Anočić
     Zivko Anočić
     Hrvoje Barišić
     Radovan Ruždjak
     Kruno Klabučar
     Rakan Rushaidat
     Ivana Rushaidat