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Croatia Gives over 3.5 Million EUR in Grants


    ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Center granted a total of 3,270,770 EUR (24,982,957 HRK) for production and development for 2012 and also 267,077 EUR/2,040,000 HRK for minority coproductions production for 2013.

    In total, 2,862,160 EUR/21,861,857 HRK was given for production 2012 foranimated, experimental, short fiction, short documentaries, feature documentaries, and feature fiction. There were no production grants for debut feature films.

    The rest was awarded for the script development of feature fiction, feature documentaries and animated films for 2012 (105,391 EUR/805,000 HRK) and for project development of fiction, feature documentaries and animated films for 2012 (303,224 EUR/2, 316,100 HRK).

    Daniel Kušan's Ljubav ili smrt/Love or Death, Branko Schmidt's Ivanova krizma/Ivan's Confirmation and Dalibor Matanić's Zvizdan/High Sun received feature film production grants. 

    Hrvoje Mabić's Bolesno-Sick, Denis Lepur and Marko Stanić 's Jure Kockar/Jure the Gambler, Bogdan Žižić's Miroslav Kraljević and Vedran Senjanović and Dejan Oblak's NLO/ UFO received production grants for feature documentary.

    The next production grants will be announced in July 2013.

    The complete list of the grants is here.