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PRODUCTION: Dalibor Matanić Preps The High Sun Featured

Dalibor Matanić Dalibor Matanić

ZAGREB: Croatian filmmaker Dalibor Matanić will begin shooting the Croatian-Slovenian coproduction The High Sun/Zvizdan on 22 September 2014. The film is now in the location scouting and casting phase.

The script written by Matanić is structured in three chronological sub-plots set in 1991, 2001 and 2011. The first story shows the tragedy of a young couple preparing to leave its village during the war, the second one is a love story between a young woman returning to her village and a countryman, while the third one is the coming-of-age story of a young man who has left his pregnant girlfriend in his native village.

The film is produced by Ankica Jurić Tilić through Croatia’s Kinorama in coproduction with Petra Vidmar and Slovenia’s Gustav Film (www.gustavfilm.si). It is supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), the Slovenian Film Centre (http://www.film-center.si/) and Viba film Ljubljana (http://www.vibafilm.si/). The project was developed with the support of the MEDIA programme (http://ec.europa.eu/culture/calls/index_en.htm#_status=open) within Kinorama's slate package. Of the 1 m EUR budget, 85% is already secured, Ankica Jurić Tilić told FNE.

The leading actress Tihana Lazović is already confirmed. Shooting will wrap on 5 November. All the 35 shooting days are in Croatia. The film is expected to be finished in May 2015, with 2i Film (http://www.2ifilm.hr/) distributing it in Croatian cinemas.


   Production Information

Sulekova 29, 10000
Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 231 6787
Fax: +385 1 231 6788
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Gustav Film
Stegne 7, SI-1000
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 (0) 1590 31 995
Fax: +386 (0) 1 590 31 996
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Director: Dalibor Matanić
Script: Dalibor Matanić
Cast: Tihana Lazović




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