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GRANTS: Croatia Announces Grants Featured


ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Centre allotted 337,846 EUR / 2,537,050 HRK as development funding for feature films, documentaries and animated films, as well as for short films production on 1 June 2016. The amount of funding for TV productions is yet to be decided.

Four short films received 144,158 EUR / 1,082,550 HRK, while the rest of the funding went to animated films, documentaries and feature films script development, and also for documentaries and feature films project development.

As for the TV script and project development grants, it was agreedĀ  to decide the amount of funding for each project at the new session of the market after the public pitching. Nearly 140 projects have been submitted for the TV development grants by 22 January 2016, the deadline for submissions.

Click HERE for the full list of grants.