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ZAGREB: Tomislav Žaja's feature film for children and adults Little Gypsy Witch (Duh babe Ilonke, screenplay by Irena Krčelić) began shooting on 28 December 2010.
Branko Ivanda finished the last day of shooting on his feature film Lea and Darija on 12 December 2010. The film is a drama with biographical elements about two child…
Croatia was rich with major developments in 2010: the support to minority co-productions was multiplied, 10 more film festival were supported with public funds, a new art cinema in Zagreb…
Croatian actress Marija Škaričić (Mother of Asphalt, 2010) has been selected as one of the 2011 Shooting Stars, European Film Promotion (www.efp-online.com) announced on 15 December 2010.
The Croatian feature film House (screenplay Sanja Kovačević, director Zoran Sudar, produced by Mainframe Production) was awarded a development grant at the 8th Balkan Script Development Fund (4 - 6…
The Board of Governors of Croatian Audiovisual Centre (www.hvac.hr) appointed Hrvoje Hribar as Chief Executive of the Centre, at a meeting on 4 December 2010,
Croatian actress Zrinka Cvitešić is competing for the Best European Actress award in 2010 for her role of Luna in Jasmila Žbanić's film On the Path. The award winners in…
The Thessaloniki International Film Festival (3 - 12 December 2010) is presenting a special focus, Croatian Animation: From the Zagreb School to the Present, in the festival's Balkan Survey section,…
The Croatian Audiovisual Center has announced its call for grants. The applications are open until 12 November 2010.
European Film Promotion (www.efp-online.com) continues to expand its Shooting Star brand, with its first presence at the Rome IFF. Croatian Shooting Star Zrinka Cvitesić is one of three rising young…
ZAGREB: Hrvoje Hribar has been named Acting Manager of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (www.havc.hr). The appointment was made by the Board of Governors of the Centre.
The Film Artists' Association of Croatia announced yesterday that the Croatian feature film The Blacks, a war drama directed by Zvonimir Jurić and Goran Dević, has been selected as Croatia's…
Audiences in Zagreb are warming to the city's latest repertory cinema, Metropolis Art House opened 2 September at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The venue opened with the premiere of…
The Romanian Government has cancelled a tender for the first two digital multiplexes and postponed the crossover to the digital terestrial TV by three years, from January 1, 2012 to…
Croatian distributor Martin Milinkovic has been chosen to participate in European Film Promotion's (www.efp-online.com) Up Next! presentation on September 20 and 21 at the San Sebastian film festival.
With 18 films with awarded public funds that are still not in production, Croatia is seeking ways to revive film production, which is currently stagnant.
Rajko Grlic's Just Between Us won seven Golden Arenas at the 57th Pula Film Festival, held from July 10-24, 2010.
Ostavljeni (The Abandoned) directed by Bosnian director Adis Bakrac has its world premiere in Karlovy Vary's East of the West section. The film is a coproduction between Bosnia and Herzegovina,…
The National Competition Programme of the 57th Pula Film Festival (July 17 - 24), www.pulafilmfestival.hr/en) in Croatia will present ten films, with seven films in the main section and three…
The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (www.havc.hr) will increase financial support to Croatian film festivals and other film-related activities by some 15% from to 1,267,050 to 1,430,555 euros.


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