Eurimages Funds Five CEE Films

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Chris the Swiss by Anja Kofmel Chris the Swiss by Anja Kofmel www.nukleus-film.hr

PRAGUE: Just five films from the CEE region received support in the June 2014 round of Eurimages out of 23 films receiving grants, with only two productions led by CEE producers.

The two majority coproductions are an Estonian children’s film Supilinna Salaselts directed by Margus Paju, a coproduction by Nafta Films with Finland, and Slovenian director Olmo Omerzu’s Rodinny Film produced by Czech endorfilm, in coproduction with Slovenia (Arsmedia), Germany, Slovakia (Punkchart Film) and France.

The remaining films with CEE involvement are Tordenskiold Får Hund, a Danish coproduction with Norway and Czech Republic; Chris the Swiss, an animated Swiss film coproduced with Croatia (Nukleus Film); and That Trip We Took with Dad, a German coproduction with Romania and Hungary.

Distribution companies in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary were among the 28 distributors that shared 816,392 EUR in distribution support.

The Eurimages Fund gave a total of 8,296,000 EUR in the current grant round. The grants were announced on 25 June 2014.

The complete list of films receiving Eurimages support follows:

The Red Turtle - Michael Dudok de Wit (Netherlands) Animation film, (France, Belgium)

The Giant (Jätten)– Johannes Nyholm (Sweden), (Sweden, Denmark)

Louder Than Bombs- Joachim Trier (Norway), (Norway, France, Denmark)

Ballon - Lisa Ohlin (Sweden), (Denmark, Sweden)

Tordenskiold Får Hund- Ruben Henrik Genz (Denmark), (Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic)

Mustang - Deniz Gamze Ergüven (Turkey), (France, Turkey, Germany)

La Strada dei Samouni - Stefano Savona (Italy) Documentary, (Italy, France)

Diamant noir - Arthur Harari (France), (France, Belgium)

Soy Negro - Rafi Pitts (France), (Germany, France)

Chris the Swiss - Anja Kofmel (Switzerland) Animation film, (Switzerland, Croatia)

L'attesa - Piero Messina (Italy), (Italy, France)

Supilinna Salaselts - Margus Paju (Estonia) Children’s film, (Estonia, Finland)

Rodinny film - Olmo Omerzu, (Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, France)

Je suis un soldat - Laurent Larivière (France), (France, Belgium)

Belgica - Felix Van Groeningen (Belgium), (Belgium, France, Netherlands)

Bugday - Semih Kaplanoglu (Turkey), (Turkey, Germany, France, Sweden)

Vincent en het einde van de wereld - Christophe Van Rompaey (Belgium), (Belgium, France)

No crook no crime (100 años de perdon)- Daniel Calparsoro (Spain), (Spain, Argentina, France)

Le tout nouveau testament - Jacques Van Dormael (Belgium), (Belgium, Luxembourg, France)

Under Sandet - Martin Zandvliet (Denmark), (Denmark, Germany)

La propera pell - Isaki Lacuesta (Spain), (Spain, Switzerland)

La Blessure, la vraie- Abdellatif Kechiche (France), (France, Spain)

That Trip We Took With Dad - Anca M. Dunga (Germany), (Germany, Romania, Hungary)