Czechs Approve Raising Film Incentives


PRAGUE: The Czech parliament has approved raising the cap on film incentives from to 800 m CZK. The cap had been set at 500 m CZK.

Filmmakers had been expecting the vote.

Radomir Docekal, vice president of the Association of Czech Producers (APA) who had been representing APA in its discussions with the government, told FNE, “We are quite happy the government understands because we were struggling for a long time to show the reasons for filming in the Czech Republic. The government understood the essentials of the film incentives to bring more business here.”

He noted that the amount is comparable to the amount given out for film incentives in Hungary, the country’s biggest and nearest competitor. “This will be sufficient. It’s quite fine to be covered by this amount. We will be covered to capacity,” he said.

Docekal, who is a producer for production and film services company Milk & Honey Pictures, added, “For us that means we are able to satisfy all the projects coming here this year and the beginning of next year.

The government is expected to extend the amount available for film incentives through 2017.