PRODUCTION: Austrian Czech Coproduction Deckname Holec


PRAGUE: Dawson Films and public broadcaster Czech TV are partnering on a rare Czech-Austrian coproduction, Deckname Holec, directed by Austria’s Franz Novotny and based on a true story by Czech New Wave filmmaker Jan Nemec.

The political thriller, now in post-production for a 2016 release, is set in the Czech Republic during the seminal year of 1968 and is inspired by Nemec’s own story. An Austrian journalist initiates a live broadcast from Communist Czechoslovakia for Austrian Television, arousing the interest of the secret police. While making the programme, he meets a young rebel Czech filmmaker whose documentary footage shows the brutality of the Russian occupation of Prague, and who wants the Austrian journalist to smuggle the film to the west.

The film, with a budget of 3.2m EUR, is produced on the Austrian side by Novotny & Novotny Film Production. The Czech cast is led by Krystof Hadek, and the creative team includes Jakub Cech (sound) and Ondrej Brzobohaty (music).

Production information:
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Czech Republic
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Director: Franz Novotny
Story: Jan Nemec
Script: Alrun Fichtenbauer, Martin Leidenfrost, Franz Novotny
DoP: Robert Oberrainer
Editor: Karin Hammer
Sound: Jakub Cech
Music: Ondrej Brzobohaty
Set Design: Martin Reiter
Producer: Monika Kristlova
Co-producer: Alexander Giehr
Cast: Krystof Hadek, Vica Kerekes, Johannes Zeiler, Michal Fuith, David Novotny, Ordrej Brzobohaty, Vilma Cibulkova, Jiri Vyoralek, Michaela Haladova, Petra Navratilova