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FNE at KVIFF 2016: Training Programmes Add New Projects Featured


KARLOVY VARY: The heavy hitters from four leading training programmes available to CEE filmmakers and professionals unveiled an array of new opportunities in a presentation held on 4 July 2016 at the Karlovy Vary IFF

The presentation made clear the distinctions between the four programmes. SOFA, the School of Film Agents, is a 10-day workshop for non-filmmaking film industry professionals held in Wroclaw in August. MIDPOINT is a year-long series of workshops for writer/producer teams from Central Europe. Torino Film Lab is a year-long international project development lab. And EAVE is an international year-long programme that connects young but experienced producers who are moving into their first international coproductions.

Outgoing FAMU Dean Pavel Jech, who has been heading up the MIDPOINT script development workshop, told attendees that MIDPOINT has evolved from a film school project to a workshop programme for first and second films. “We’re putting to rest the myth of the one auteur and recognising the great tradition of the dramaturg,” Jech said. The programmes’ new MIDPOINT TV Launch, for writer/producer teams with 30 and 60 minute TV series, will have a mid-September 2016 deadline for participants. MIDPOINT intensive CZ, a two-day workshop for Czech participants, will take place in 5-6 December 2016, with a deadline for applications on 24 October. MIDPOINT Intensive SK, for Slovak participants, will take place in Slovakia in November, with a deadline for applications in September.

Matthieu Darras, who introduced the Torino Film Lab (now in its eighth year), said the lab is starting two new programmes in the next year. The first is a scout and call for producers who are initiating projects. The lab will act as a matchmaker for the producers and writers. The second is a three – four month intensive program focusing on TV series pilots. The Torino Film Lab has been selecting some 30 films per year, 70 percent of them coming from Europe. Darras noted that seven Torino films are at the Karlovy Vary festival this year, including first films from the Czech and Slovak Republics that have been theatrically released.

The nearly 30-year-old EAVE programme was introduced by Riina Sildos, a former EAVE graduate herself. Sildos told FNE that participation from CEE countries has been growing in recent years, with interest widespread across the entire region. The next EAVE workshop will be held 10-16 October 2016 in Prague, with a 1 September deadline. The Prague workshop will include one-on-one meetings with producers.


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