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FNE at KVIFF 2016: Czech Film Boom Inspires Barrandov Production Featured

Lubomír Konečný Lubomír Konečný

KARLOVY VARY: The introduction of Czech film incentives and subsequent increases are impacting film production at Prague’s iconic Barrandov film studios.

The studios are already fully booked through 2017, but next year the studio will become a more active partner and begin investing cash in Czech and international film productions. In doing so, the studio will be returning to its roots as a producer of Czech films.

Lubomír Konečný, Barrandov head of development and coproduction, told FNE that Barrandov will be originating films as the main producer. The studio now has two scripts written and planned for production and a third project in development. Konecny said the studio is “looking at film with international stories and international interest.” In recent years, Barrandov has come on board Czech film as a coproduction partner by supplying in-kind services to an average of four films per year. Future plans are for the studio to also become a minority coproducer on international productions.

Konečný, who spoke with FNE at the 51st Karlovy Vary IFF, also announced the studio’s intention to develop and produce an international coproduction about Miloš Havel, the founder of Barrandov studio and the uncle of the Czech President Václav Havel. The film will be written by Jan Novak with a first draft expected in October 2016. The film will be produced in 2018/2019.


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