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FNE at Jihlava IDFF Emerging Producers 2018: Radim Procházka, Czech Republic Featured

Radim Prochazka Radim Prochazka

PRAGUE: Radim Procházka, one of two producers representing the Czech Republic at the Emerging Producers 2018 programme taking place at the Jihlava IDFF, is already recognised as a prominent Czech producer and director, a member of the European Film Academy and a mentor at the international department of FAMU.

As a producer he is credited with ten feature films, including five fiction (non-documentary) films, several of which have won Czech or international awards. Procházka and Latvian producer Guntis Trekteris are coproducing a feature essay about the Latvian-Russian border, D is for Division directed by Davis Simanis, now in postproduction. His docu-drama script Television Will Be! directed by Jan Bušta, is a pseudo single-shot film about the beginning of TV broadcasting under the Czechoslovak communist regime of the 1950s. His most recent directorial effort, the documentary Whose is My Child, co-directed by Marek Duda, was awarded Best Czech Pop-Science Film at AFO Olomouc IFF 2014.

FNE: What was the deciding factor in your choice to become a documentary film producer? 

Radim Procházka: First of all, I’m working in all fields - producing also fiction and animation and TV stuff... My main focus on documentary is from the endless naivety of my youth...

FNE: What has been your most rewarding moment as a documentary film producer?

Radim Procházka: Facing MY audience for the first time - several hundred people IN A CINEMA (which happened at the Jihlava IDFF 10 years ago) watching my story, laughing at the right moments, applauding... Meeting the audience is a real satisfaction for a filmmaker.

FNE: What one mistake would you advise beginning documentary film producers to avoid? 

Radim Procházka: Becoming a producer of documentary films. Better to publish poetry - the audience and fee is pretty similar, but expenses are much lower. 

Selected filmography:

Jmenuji se Hladový Bizon | My Name is Hungry Buffalo directed by Pavel Jurda, 2016, documentary, 83 min.
Koudelka fotografuje Svatou zemi | Koudelka Shooting Holy Land directed by Gilad Barama, 2015, documentary, co-producer, 72 min.
Prach | Dust of the Ground directed by Vít Zapletal, 2015, feature film, 95 min.
Schmitke | Schmitke directed by Štěpán Altrichter, 2014, feature film, 94 min.
Čí je moje dítě | Whose is My Child directed by Marek Duda and Radim Procházka, documentary, 2014, 52 min.
Křehká identita | Fragile Indentity directed by Zuzana Piussi, 2012, documentary, 70 minutes
Rodina je základ státu | Long Live the Family! directed by Robert Sedláček, 2011, feature film, 103 min.
Tmář a jeho rod | Obscurantist and his Lineage directed by Karel Vachek, 2011, documentary, 199 min.

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