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East Doc Platform Spotlights New Resistance Featured


PRAGUE: The Institute of Documentary Film will focus on the rise of populist regimes in CEE territories for the 2018 East Doc Platform, 3-9 March 2018. The largest industry event dedicated to documentary filmmaking in the region will take place during the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague.

Tereza Šimíková, East Doc Platform Manager, said, “Public media and free speech have come under attack, documentary filmmakers and journalists have been facing threats of censorship even in the Czech Republic. A bit of silver lining is that countries in the former Eastern bloc share a common history with regard to these issues. It is time to reopen the subject and find some lessons for the present.”

The theme “NEW RESISTANCE” implies the unwillingness of documentary filmmakers to suck up to populist voices in society. Their resistance is manifested as dogged persistence with which they pursue these issues while maintaining critical thinking. They are resistant to the dangers they report on and immune to suggestions their work might be undesirable.

The 10-year-old East Doc Platform annually hosts some 400 documentary professionals.

This year’s EDP will present a panel discussion “NEW RESISTANCE: Media, Film and Politics” on 6 March with filmmakers Max Tuula, Zuzana Piussi and Filip Remunda.

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