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Slow Start for CEE Films at Summer Box Office Featured

BACKSTAGE by Andrea Sedláčková BACKSTAGE by Andrea Sedláčková

PRAGUE: CEE films got off to a slow start at the summer box office after a strong start earlier in the year. The summer doldrums follow what has been a strong start for 2018 with Latvian films accounting for 28% market share in the first quarter of the year and other countries in the region also boasting box office successes for domestic films when three domestic films were in the top ten in Estonia and Lithuania, as well as earlier impressive results in Slovakia.

For the weekend of 7-10 June 2018 the Czech Republic had one domestic film in the top ten, the children’s film based on a popular Czech TV animated series Pat and Mat distributed by Bioscop. The film debuted at number three, earning 80,000 EUR. Debuting in fourth place was the Slovak/Czech dance movie Backstage directed by Andrea Sedláčková and produced by ARINA in coproduction with BONTONFILM, Radio and Television of Slovakia and In Vestito with support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and the Czech Film Fund. The film has already grossed 315,000 EUR in Slovakia and took in 60,000 EUR on its opening weekend in the Czech Republic, distributed by Bontonfilm.

The best grossing film among the top 20 in the Czech Republic is currently the comedy Two Brides and One Wedding / Dve nevesty a jedna svatba by Tomas Svoboda (produced by Flamesite and Happy Celluloid, coproduced by Fenix Film.. The film was in 15th place, closing in on 400,000 EUR at the Czech box office, and taking in another 70,000 EUR at the Slovak box office after seven weeks in distribution.



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