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Jan Němec's and Karel Vachek's Films on Prague Spring 1968 Online at DAFilms.com Featured

The Ferrari Dino Girl by Jan Němec The Ferrari Dino Girl by Jan Němec

PRAGUE: The Ferrari Dino Girl by Czechoslovak New Wave classic Jan Němec and Elective Affinities by Karel Vachek are available online on DAFilms.com on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the armies of the Warsaw Pact in 1968.

Elective Affinities by Karel VachekThe Ferrari Dino Girl (2009, produced by Jan Němec-Film) is a re-enactment of the events of 21 August 1968, when Němec and his small film crew shot a 16-minute documentary on various sites of occupied Prague and smuggled the unique witness account to Austria.

Karel Vachek’s Elective Affinities (1968) captures the atmosphere of the stormy political period of 14-30 March 1968, between the abdication of President Antonín Novotný and the election of General Ludvík Svoboda.

Founded in 2006, DAFilms.com aims at promoting Czech and international documentaries. Its library includes over 1,700 films. The portal is programmed by seven prestigious European documentary festivals: Ji.hlava IDFF CPH:DOX, Doclisboa, Docs Against Gravity FF, DOK Leipzig, FIDMarseille and Visions du Réel.


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