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Ex Oriente Film Announces 2019/2020 Slate Featured

A Man Sings After War by Ana Otašević A Man Sings After War by Ana Otašević

PRAGUE: Twelve documentaries have been selected for the 17th edition of the Ex Oriente Film training programme, which begins it first session 20-25 June 2019 in Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia.

A record number of 107 projects were submitted from 40 countries. Three projects each were selected from the Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia. Two projects each came from Poland and Montenegro. Half of the projects are coproductions.

The training programme is run by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague and focuses on development and funding of creative documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe. Three week-long sessions take place, concluding in March 2020 in Prague.  

The Ex Oriente Film 2019 selected projects are:

A Man Sings After the War (Serbia, France, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina)
Directed by Ana Otašević
Produced by Srdjan Sarenac

Comfortable Century (Czech Republic)
Directed by Jaroslav Kratochvíl
Produced by Jaroslav Bláha

How I Became a Partisan (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Directed by Vera Lacková
Produced by Jan Bodnár

Celibacy (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia)
Directed by Libuše Rudinská
Produced by Libuše Rudinská

Roma (UA, NL)
Directed by Olga Zhurba
Produced by Darya Bassel, Viktoriia Khomenko

Elevation (UA)
Directed by Max Rudenko
Produced by Oleksandr Debych

The Pioneer Oath (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia)
Directed by Vladimir Milovanovic

Too Close (Hungary)
Directed by Botond Püsök
Produced by Borbala Csukas

The Shubert Effect (Russia)
Directed by Aleksander Elkan
Produced by Ksenia Gapchenko

The Mothers' Crusade (Belarus)
Directed by Alexander Mihalkovich, Anna Bodyako
Produced by Alexander Mihalkovich

Women in Kiosk (Poland)
Directed by Daniel Stopa
Produced by Małgorzata Staroń

Lost&Found (Romania, Canada)
Directed by Lauretiu Garofeanu
Produced by Cristina Badea


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