FNE at Ji.hlava IDFF 2019: Jihlava Announces Competition Films

Kiruna – A Brand New World by Greta Stocklassa Kiruna – A Brand New World by Greta Stocklassa

JIHLAVA: The 23rd Ji.hlava IDFF, running 24-29 October 2019, has announced the complete line-up of competition films, with nine full-length documentaries competing in the Opus Bonum main competition.

The competition includes just one film from the CEE region, Kiruna – A Brand New World by a young Swedish director Greta Stocklassa.

Another 16 full-length, one short and three mid-length Czech documentaries will compete in the Czech Joy section.

The Between the Seas competition is dedicated to films from the CEE region. Nine full-length documentaries will compete in this section, including selections from Serbia, Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Slovakia.

Opus Bonum competition films:

At Home, Walking (India)
Directed by Rajula Shah

Fonja (Germany, Madagascar)
Directed by Ravo Henintsoa Andrianatoandro, Lovatiana Desire Santatra, Sitraka Hermann Ramanamokatra, Jean Chrisostome Rakotondrabe, Erick Edwin Andrianamelona, Elani Eric Rakotondrasoa, Todisoa Niaina Sylvano Randrialalaina, Sitrakaniaina Raharisoa, Adriano Raharison Nantenaina, Alpha Adrimamy Fenotoky, Lina Zacher

Kiruna – A Brand New World (Czech Republic)
Directed by Greta Stocklassa
Produced by Analog Vision

Once More into the Breach (Italy)
Directed by Michele Manzolini, Frederico Ferrone

One Night Stand (Egypt, Palestine)
Directed by Noor Abed, Mark Lotfy

Passion – Between Revolt and Resignation (Switzerland)
Directed by Christian Labhart

The Deathless Woman (UK)
Directed by Roz Mortimer

The Life and Death of Oscar Perez (France)
Directed by Romain Champalaune

Wishing You the Same (France)
Directed by Arnaud de Mezamat

Between the Seas Competition Films:

365 Days, Also Known as a Year (Ukraine)
Directed by Dmytro Bandarchuk

Empty Horses (Hungary)
Directed by Bori Mate, Peter Lichter

Looking for Mr. Dice (Latvia)
Directed by Kaspars Roga
Produced by Skuba Films

Paradise on Earth (Slovakia)
Directed by Jaro Vojtek
Produced by MPhilms

Teach (Romania)
Directed by Alex Brendea
Produced by Luna Film

The Calling (Slovakia)
Directed by Erik Praus
Produced by Filmpark

The Circle (Estonia)
Directed by Margit Lillak
Produced by Allfilm

The Irreversible Consequences of Slipping on a Banana Peel (Canada)
Directed by Bogdan Stoica

The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater (Serbia)
Directed by Goran Radovanovic
Produced by Nama Film