FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Acasa, My Home: Radu Ciorniciuc

    This week True Story, a collaborative project between the Institute of Documentary Film and Film New Europe, speaks to Romanian documentary maker Radu Ciorniciuc, who speaks about his observational documentary Acasa, My Home.

    In the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta, nine children and their parents occupied an off-grid homestead for 20 years until being chased out and forced to live in the big city. In his newest film, Radu Ciorniciuc documents the family as they face life in the system for the first time. Many difficult questions arise about the freedom and choice to: be illiterate, live off nature, ignore private property, not participate in society, and many more... 

    True Story is a new video podcast series dedicated to the documentary film of Central and Eastern Europe.

    In-depth interviews, analysis, field reports, live events and much much more with your curious and enthusiastic hosts, Ivona Remundova and Nicole Jennifer Adelman.

    Click HERE for our podcast with Radu Ciorniciuc: Acasa, My Home.