FNE VISEGRAD FORUM: Czechs host Instutute of Documentary Film

For the past nine year, Prague's Institute of Documentary Film has been reaching out to CEE documentary directors and producers, promoting and enabling the rise of documentary films from across the region.

The IDF (www.docuinter.net) encompasses four main areas of activities:

Ex Oriente is a workshop for selected producers and directors to help them develop and pitch their projects in forums dedicated to documentary films. The workshop takes place over the course of one year, as tutors work with filmmakers in three intense workshops, culminating in their presentation at the East European Forum.

East European Forum is a pitching session that takes place within the framework of the Jihlava documentary film festival at the end of October. Commissioning editors from stations across Europe and North America and beyond respond to the pitches and meet with filmmakers in one-to-one sessions.

East Silver is a market of documentary films from across Central and Eastern Europe, taking place at the Jihlava festival. East Silver extablished its own awards -- the Silver Eye -- for the first time in 2009, which were chosen and announced at the closing ceremony in Jihlava. Filmmakers attending Jihlava are invited to special breakfast meetings with representatives of several European national industries. Films are presented in a catalog distributed at festivals, and are made available to industry professionals via a video library.

Docu Talents from th East is a presentations of nine new completed documentaries held during the Karlovy Vary Film Festival for festival programmers and industry professionals.

In addition, IDF sends select filmmakers to pitching forums held in Leipzig and Amsterdam, where they have a chance to attend workshops or pitch films. The Institute also hosts a panel and catalog of upcoming Czech documentaries.

The IDF is run by a team of six dedicated Czech women, led by IDF Director Andrea Prenghyová.

Contact information:

Institute of Documentary Film

Školská 12110 00

Praha 1, Czech Republic

Phone:+420 224 214 858

Fax:+420 224 214 858

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: www.docuinter.net