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EFP Shooting Star Kryštof Hádek

Irena Zemanová 2010-02-10
With his an innocent boy looks, Czech actor Kryštof Hádek could play build a comfortable career playing only teenage idols.

He did that in a several Czech comedies, such as the 2005 film Experts (director Karel Corna, and the 2008 and 2009 smash local hits Grapes and Grapes 2 (director Tomáš Bařina and Vlad Lanné, producer Adam Dvořák of Bioscop, But even at the age of 27, Hádek refuses to be just another young film star. He chooses his roles wisely. And sometimes, he decides to simply change his direction, whatever it brings.

Thus, he vanished from the public eye at the beginning of the millenium, just after emerging as a big Czech movie star after his debut performance in director Jan Svěrák´s English language big-budget war coproduction Dark Blue World (2001,

He was only 19 years old - and described as a new Leonardo DiCaprio, as an incredible new talent, in every interview and article. But instead of enjoying his sudden fame, Hádek decided to leave the Czech Republic and study at the Academy of Music and Drama Art in London for almost two years. While there he worked as an occasional bartender, learned English -- and reflected what to do next.

Thanks to his improved language skills, Hádek has already appeared in many European and American films - such as the Spanish production Cosmos by director Diego Fandos (2007), the Swedish movie The Girl (2009. director Fredrik Edfeldt), and the US film A Son´s War (director Steven Edell, 2008). He also played an important role of Czech gay emigrant Pavel Rebien in the popular Irish tv series Raw.

"I dont know what Shooting Star nomination will bring me, but I really appreciate the chance it offers to all Czech actors and filmmakers for their presentation abroad. It is very helpful if one can meet foreign filmmakers in person or discovers contemporary foreign cinematography this close," said Hádek after his nomination.

Recently Hádek plays a main character in a director Tomáš Mašín´s feature film debut, a co-production postwar drama Three Season in Hell by producer and recent Cannes´s EFP producer on the move Monika Kristl and her company Dawson Production and distribution company Falcon (

The complicated character of young poet and anarchist Ivan Heinz, based on the true story of a Czech avantgardist and renowed undergroud poet Egon Bondy, could be Hádek´s acting opus magnum. It has already earned him also a prestigous nomination for a domestic "Oscar," the Czech Lion ( annual film award for best actor in a leading role, from the Czech film and television academy ( The movie itself got a record 11 nominations in total in a Czech lion nomination ceremony on Febuary 6 in Prague.

According to Hádek, the role of 1947 teenager Ivan Heinz in a psychological period drama was an ideal choice for exploring another way of presentation. He enjoyed the style and setting of the movie as well. "I like costume roles in period movies, such as Heinz in 3 Seasons in Hell or Vojtíšek in Dark Blue World. The costume helps me a lot to transform into my character, and this one was very special," Hádek says.

Hádek considers his performances carefully. "Of course I did several roles just for money - in a few mainstream commercial comedies especially. I do acting for living, certainly. But I always consider what a new role can bring to me, if it could change me a little, teach me something. What I love about the cooperation with Tomáš Mašín was his patience and humbleness on the one hand, as he prepared this movie for five years, but perfectionism on the other," Hádek said in an interview.

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