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FNE at FINALE Plzen FF: Competition: Men in Rut


Robert Sedláček's satirical comedy Men in Rut, screening in the main Finale Plzen main competition, takes place during the "Deer-Luring" competition in a south Moravian village.

The local village leaders see the presence of the Prime Minister at the competition as an opportunity to lobby for a highway to replace their dirt road, leading them to a brighter EU future.

Men in Rut is Sedláček's second feature film.

The Czech Television production ( / TV Studio Brno features a cast of beloved Czech and Slovak stars including Jiří Lábus, Pavel Zedníček, and Martin Huba. Men in Rut was produced by Darina Levová, based on a story by Martin Trnavský and Sedláček. The film was shot on location, contributing to strong local flavor.

The 109 minute film is distributed by Bontonfilm ( and was released in Czech cinemas in August, 2009.

Production information:

Director/screenplay: Robert Sedláček

Story: Robert Sedláček and Martin Trnavský

Producer: Darina Levová

Dramaturg: Pavel Aujezdský

Camera: Petr Koblovský

Produced by: Česká televize, Televizní studio Brno

Distributor: Bontonfilm, a.s.

Cast: Jaroslav Plesl, Eva Vrbková, Martin Trnavský, Jaromír Hanzlík, Marta Vančurová, Pavel Zedníček, Jaromír Dulava, Jiří Lábus, Igor Bareš, and Martin Huba.