Kajinek movie postponed over producer-director dispute

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A big-budget film about convicted murderer Jiří Kajínek has been postponed after producer Petr Jákl canceled a contract with Ivan Fíla, who wrote the script and was also set to be director of the movie.

Petr Jákl and his production company J.B.J. Film Production (www.jbj-film.cz) has the copyright on filming the case given by Kajinek, who still maintains his innocence of two murders committed in 1993 and calls his imprisonment a miscarriage of justice. According to the contract, Fíla cannot produce the film on his own, although he wrote the original script.

In a statement, Jákl said he withdrew from the contract because Fíla refused to change several important details in his script. According to Jákl, the script implicates several persons in Kajínek's case without proof, a violation of their civil liberties.

Fíla denies that was the reason for the split.

"They were satisfied with my version of the screenplay," he told the news agency ČTK. "They also sent it to the Czech State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography with a request for a grant and negotiated with Czech distribution company Bioscop (www.bioscop.cz)." In his view, Jákl has run out of funds.

The budget for the Kajinek movie, originally due to be released in autumn 2008, was estimated around 40 million crowns (€1.5 million).

Jákl, meanwhile, said he is considering legal action.

On his website, Jákl also announced that Marek Dobeš and Štěpán Kopřiva are the authors of the new screenplay and that shooting is planned during 2008.