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PRODUCTION: Havel starts filming his Leaving on July2

Irena Zemanová 2010-06-21

Former Czech president and playwright Vaclav Havel announced he will begin shooting his film directing debut Leaving on July 2 instead of June, as previously announced. Havel rejected media speculation that he would step aside due to illness.

"I'm okay and ready for filmming. I'm really looking forward my directing debut," Havel said in press announcement.

{mosimage}Leaving is based on Havel´s stage play. Production company BUC-Film (www.bucfilm.cz) and producer Jaroslav Bouček announced the film's budget at CZK 44 million (1.8 million euros).

Havel´s wife Dagmar Havlová and esteemed Czech actor Josef Abrhám will play the main characters. The cast also includes actress Vlasta Chramostová, who appeared in the stage play. The music is composed by Michal Pavlíček.

Leaving is Havel's first play since 1989 and was first produced at Prague's avant-garde Archa Theatre two years ago. The script references King Lear and Anton Chekhov's Cherry Orchard and deals with the topic of loss of power.

Production contact:

BUC-FILM s.r.o.

Jaroslav Bouček
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
adress: ČS.ARMÁDY 405/8
160 00 PRAGUE 6

Tel: +420 251 819 441
+420 251 815 257
Fax: +420 267 073 516


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