NonStop Picks up Czech Little Knights' Tale

By FNE Staff

PRAGUE: Sweden's world sales company NonStop (www.nonstopsales.net) has picked up the Czech family film Little Knights' Tale from hit teen film director Karel Janak and production company Three Brothers (www.historicalmovie.com).

Prior to NonStop's acquisition, the film was sold to Slovenia, Turkey and in one region of China. NonStop will present the film at the upcoming AFM, 3-10 November 2010. The AFM promotion is presented with the support of European Film Promotion (www.efp-online.com).

The film is based on a seven part TV series produced for Czech TV (www.ceskatelevize.cz) which pulled in an average 1 million viewers per episode. The 3.6 million euro project was edited for theatrical release and had approximately 100,000 admissions.