Czech Documentaries Triple Audiences in 2010

Written by FNE Staff

PRAGUE: Czech documentaries saw increased attendance in 2010, according to a report from the Institute of Documentary Film (www.dokweb.net ). Attendance was over 160,000, nearly three times the 2009 results. The majority of ticket sales -- 117,000 -- were for Katka directed by Helena Třeštíková.

The second most watched film was Eye over Prague directed by Olga Špátová with 21,000 visitors. Sixteen documentaries had theatrical distribution in 2010, staying the same as the 2009 numbers.

The popularity of documentaries carried over to TV, with the top drawing documentary attracting 1.25 million viewers for public broadcaster Czech TV.

Documentaries received state funding of CZK 33 million in 2010, going to 39 projects, an increase of CZK 6 million from 2009.

"Along with the success of Czech documentaries abroad, this positive trend is a cause for optimism for the coming years," said Hana Rezková of the Institute of Documentary Film.