Estonian "Folk Film" Premieres

By FNE Staff

TALLINN: A year-long project, initiated by Kinobuss, culminates on Friday, 11.11.2011, with the premiere of the full-length feature film That's IT!, made together by more than 1500 professional and amateur Estonian filmmakers.

That's IT! was made by the Filmitalgud alias "folk-film" project, where a mass of amateur scriptwriters, directors, actors and crew are guided and advised by industry professionals. Along with its unprecedented approach to filmmaking, the "folk-film" will have an unmatched premiere in 111 cinemas and culture centers all over Estonia on the same day, at the same time: 11.11.2011 at 20:11. For the first time in Estonian history, every citizen is able to see the premiere no more than 20 kilometers from home. The completed film is a gift from the people to Estonian film on its 100th anniversary in 2012.

The script was written by the public at the beginning of the year, then followed the world's most democratic casting process via a reality TV-show, with supporting roles and crew positions filled by an online casting system. The public voted on who they wanted to see starring in and making their film. Preproduction was in June and July and shooting took place in each of Estonia's 15 counties in August 2011. Even the editing and post-production phases brought amateurs and professionals together. Every phase of filmmaking also included intensive workshops in screenwriting, film acting, production design, and editing.

Among the professionals involved were directors Jaak Kilmi (Disco and Atomic War), Ilmar Raag (The Class), René Vilbre (I was Here) and Rasmus Merivoo (Buratino), Arbo Tammiksaar and Mikk Rand, screenwriters Peep Pedmanson (Made in Estonia), Margit Keerdo and Aina Järvine, and Estonian sound studio Orbital Vox Studios.

All stages of the project were done using a unique IT platform, www.filmitalgud.ee, built to order for the project. Kinobuss plans to continue work on this platform to make it available to others interested in group filmmaking.

That's It! is a fast-paced road-movie about four young people tripping through Estonia, running into crazy people, and finding love at the very last minute - right before the world ends.

The trailer is available online: www.filmitalgud.ee/eng

More information:

Lili Pilt, head of distribution


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Film synopsis:

It's December and Christmastime, but outside the summer sun blazes. Something is wrong! The Mayan calendar predicts that the world will end on December 21st. Every Estonian has to decide how they will spend their last days. Rait finally wants to confess his feelings to his lifelong love, the starlet Lenna Kuurmaa. His friend Mihkel, hits his head, goes bonkers, and needs to save the world by sacrificing that very same Lenna to the Sun Gods. Brenda wants to escape her dictatorial mother but insane asylum orderlies chase her. Ervin wins the world's last lottery and is so upset by not having any way to spend it that he wants to die from misery. Confusion reigns. But hope always dies last... And, fortunately, the end finally comes...

Mihkel - Märt Koik
Rait - Tõnu Õllek
Brenda - Ester Korkiasaari
Sander - Tauri Laane
Ervin - Matti Adoma Sr.
Lenna - Lenna Kuurmaa
Orderlies - Thomas Kolli, Jaak Valdre, Margo Hussar, Meelis Jokk, Alo Abel
...and many other more and less known Estonian actors

Initiator & Head Producer - Mikk Rand
Producer - Gerli Veermäe
Script - Idea by the people, edited by Peep Pedmanson, Aina Järvine, Margit Keerdo
Directing tutors -Ilmar Raag, Jaak Kilmi, Rasmus Merivoo, Mikk Rand, René Vilbre, Arbo Tammiksaar
Directors - Maarja Hindoalla, Kunnar Viira, Norman Tamkivi, Sander Maran, Piret Krustok, Priit Joonas, Janar Aronija, Andri Peetso, Karl Kalvik, Jürgen Volmer, Andres Luidre, Piret Meinberg, Veljo Otsason, Kristo Aav, Priit Põhjala
Cinematography tutor - Christian Johannes Kask
Cinematographers - Sven-Erik Mändmaa, Tanel Peet, Priit Joasoo, Piret Krustok...
Production Design - Kristina Lõuk, Anneli Arusaar, Triin Valvas, Pille Küngas...
Chief Editor - Märten Vaher
Editor - Kert Sepp
Music - musical collectives "Lenna", "Bombillaz", "Köömes", "Tjorven"...
Sound Design - Orbital Vox Stuudio ...
Animation - Liisi Reitalu, Priit Tender ...
...and many other professional and amateur Estonian filmmakers

Production support comes from the Estonian Film Foundation (www.efsa.ee), the Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the Estonian Gambling Tax Council.