FESTIVALS: Black Nights FF Opens with Awards for Sleepwalkers Fest

Written by
Vaba Maa Vaba Maa

TALLINN: The opening ceremony of 16th Black Night FF (www.poff.ee) presented awards in four competition sections of the Sleepwalkers Student and Short Film Festival (www.swff.ee) including the Estonian national competition prize going to Vaba Maa (Free World) directed by Anna Hints.

The Sleepwalkers festival precedes the Black Nights FF, which runs through 28 November and overlaps with animation and children’s festivals held in Tallinn.

A complete list of winners follows:

Short Film Competition

A Story for the Modlins directed by Sergio Oskman, Spain

Special Mention:

Fancy Fair directed by Christophe Hermans, Belgium

Student Film Competition

Dos De Tres (Two Out of Three) directed by Paulina Rosas, Mexico

Special Mention:

Men of The Earth directed by Andrew Kavanagh, Australia

Baltic Sea Competition

Killing the Chieckns to Scare the Monkeys directed by Jens Assur, Sweden

Special Mention: Kichot (Poland)

National Competition

Vava Maa (Free World) directed by Anna Hints, Estonia

Special Mentions:

The Other Side of the Rainbow (Dir. Triin Ruumet, Estonia)

Thank You For Happening To Me (Dir. Elina Naan, Estonia)