FIAPF Grants Top Accreditation to Black Nights


TALLINN: FIAPF will accredit Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival as a non-specialized competitive festival beginning with its 2014 edition taking place 14-30 November.

Black Nights Film Festival is the 15th international film festival, and only the third Central European film festival, to be inducted to what is known as the “A category” by FIAPF with the expansion of the specialized EurAsia competition programme into a worldwide competition.

Benoît Ginisty, Director General of FIAPF said: "In the long process of consultations we have carried out, the Black Nights FF’s will to extend its past EurAsia competition to a non-specialized international competition has been seen as very consensual. It will offer new opportunities for films and will support Black Nights FF’s ambitions without creating unnecessary competition within the international film festivals' community. FIAPF is happy to contribute to the development of the Black Nights FF which proved to be an important platform of exchanges for an increasing number of industry practitioners over the past years."

Tiina Lokk, founder and director of Black Nights FF, commented: “There are around 4,000 film festivals held annually. While 51 of them are accredited by FIAPF only 14 have been authorized by FIAPF to hold a non-specialized international competition.  Thus on the behalf of the festival management and the team, I am deeply moved by the recognition that some 18 years of hard work by the Black Nights’ team have resulted not only in becoming the most influential festival in North-East European Union but also one of the FIAPF accredited non-specialized competitive festivals. The inclusion of Black Nights in the non-specialized category not only remarkably widens our possibilities for programming outreach, but also sets us face to face with an obligation and responsibility towards filmmakers and the industry to match the high standards with the other fourteen member festivals with long history in that category.”

Black Nights Film Festival began as a Nordic film week 18 years ago, and was accredited by FIAPF as a specialized competitive festival in 2008. The festival is also becoming an important  international industry event through the Industry@Tallinn platform.