PRODUCTION Estonian/Finnish Secret Society of Souptown Plans May Release

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Secret Society of Souptown by Margus Paju Secret Society of Souptown by Margus Paju credit: Nafta Films

TALLINN: Estonian director Margus Paju is completing work on his debut film, a glossy children’s adventure film and Estonian/Finnish coproduction, Secret Society of Souptown.

The main characters are a group of four friends led by 10-year-old Mari, who form a secret club. When the town is poisoned and the adults turn into children, the foursome race against time to find an antidote.

The 1.4m EUR film was shot over 47 days. The film is the first feature from Estonian service company and commercial production firm Nafta Films. The coproducer is Finland’s Solar Films. The producers, who pitched the film at the Baltic Event Works in Progress session, have 1.2m EUR of the budget in place.

The film is scheduled for a May 2015 release in Estonia.

Production information:
Nafta Films
Soo 4
10414 Tallinn
Tel: +372 525 6323
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director: Margus Paju
Script: Mihkel Ulman, Christian Garnst Miller-Harris, Mika Keranen
DoP: Meelis Veermets
Producers: Esko Rips, Diana Mikita
Coproducer: Jesse Fryckman