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Domestic Production Helps Estonian Box Office Featured

Class Reunion by Rene Vilbre broke an all-time record for a domestic film in 2016. Class Reunion by Rene Vilbre broke an all-time record for a domestic film in 2016.

TALLINN: Domestic crowd-pleasers are helping to boost local box office in Estonia, with national productions taking a double-digit share for the second consecutive year.

In 2016, total box office reached 17.77 m EUR with attendance at 3.29 million,

"I'm pleased to say the yearly cinema visits per capita in tiny Estonia was 2.5 which makes Estonia one of the highest-attending countries in Europe," Head of Estonian Film Institute (EFI) Edith Sepp said. "Opinions regarding attendance and trends differ vastly in Europe. For example, in the ‘old Europe’ countries people might go to cinema less than they used to and the younger generation is switching over to newer platforms, therefore there is a worry about the sustainability of cinemas. However, in many smaller and ‘new Europe’ countries, brand new cinemas are being built that see more attendance." In 2016 two Estonian films were among the top 10 highest grossing films.

The average price of cinema ticket in Europe is seven euros and in 2016 the average ticket in Estonia cost 5.5 euros.

"The rising price of tickets is definitely mirrored also in the box office. For the first time we can talk about the box office of Estonian film, which was close to 1.8 million euros," Sepp said. "Estonian viewers love going to the cinema and are happy to watch Estonian films, even with the price of tickets rising."


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