Eleven Films in Baltic Works in Progress 2018

    Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway by Miguel Llansó Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway by Miguel Llansó

    TALLINN: Ten films from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, and one Finnish film, will be presented in the Baltic Event Works in Progres,s taking place during the Black Nights festival, running through 2 December 2018. The films will be competing for a 3,000 EUR prize to aid in promotion and distribution in the Baltics.

    Six of the films are coproductions, some within the Baltics, along with partners from Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain and Ethiopia. The list of Baltic Works in Progress follows:

    Goodbye Soviet Union (Estonia, Finland)
    Directed by Lauri Randla
    Produced by Exitfilm (Estonia), Bufo (Finland)

    Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (Spain, Estonia, Ethiopia)
    Directed by Miguel Llanso
    Produced by Lanzadera Films (Spain), Alasti Kino (Estonia)
    Rain (Estonia, Poland)
    Directed by Janno Jurgens
    Produced by Alasti Kino (Estonia)
    Coproduced by Furia Film (Poland)
    Sandra Gets a Job (Estonia)
    Directed by Kaupo Kruusiauk
    Produced by Kopli Kinokompanii

    Truth and Justice (Estonia)
    Directed by Tanel Toom
    Produced by Allfilm

    Aurora (Finland)
    Directed by Mia Tervo

    Dogs Don’t Wear Pants (Finand, Latvia)
    Directed by J-P Valkeapaa
    Produced by Helsinki-filmi (Finland)
    Coproduced by Tasse Film (Latvia)

    Maria’s Paradise (Finland, Estonia)
    Directed by Zaida Bergroth
    Produced by Elokuvayhtio Komeetta (Finland)
    Coproduced by Stellar Film (Estonia), Kaiho Republic (Finland)

    24 Hour Sunshine (Latvia)
    Directed by Juris Poskus
    Produced by FA Filma

    City on the River (Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania)
    Directed by Viesturs Kairiss
    Produced by Ego Media (Latvia)
    Coproduced by 8Heads Productions (Czech Republic), Artbox (Lithuania)

    The Flood Won’t Come (Lithuania)
    Directed by Marat Sargsyan
    Produced by Tremora