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I Was Here tops Estonia’s box office on first weekend

Martin Aadamsoo 2008-09-16
The Karlovy Vary East of the West competition film I Was Here, directed by Rene Vilbre, premiered on Friday, September 12, and shot to the top of Estonian box office with 7,095 admissions from 6 screens.

It is the 5th best premiere of any Estonian film since independence. The opening weekend suggests the film will end up in this year's overall Top 10 box office hits in Estonia.

Only three Estonian films have so far grossed over 10,000 admission in their opening weekends, with Names in Marble the greatest local hit so far amassing 15,611 in 2002, followed by 186 Kilmometers with 12,516 (2007), and Lotte from Gadgetville with 10,301 (2006). Local films have figured in the Top 10 in Estonia for four consequetive years, a trend that now seems likely to continue.

I Was Here is Vilbre's second feature, scripted by Ilmar Raag, whose film Class was also in last year's Karlovy Vary East of the West competition. The film was co-produced by Riina Sildos from Amrion Productions, Estonia, and Aleksi Bardy from Helsinki Filmi OY, Finland


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