Estonia Baltic Event Special: Baltic Event Sees Record Growth

By FNE Staff

TALLINN: The 9th Baltic Event (be.poff.ee) taking place 1-3 December 2010, will be its largest to date, with 16 coproduction market projects, 250 international guests, and additional screenings and works-in-progress presentations. Two previous coproduction market films, Arto Halonen's Princess (Finland) and Veiko Õunpuu's The Temptation of St. Tony (Estonia) are screening in competition at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival occurring in conjunction with Baltic Event.

The Baltic Event screenings will present the latest films from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, while the Coming Soon section is a presentation of works-in-progress that are in final stages of post-production. The Industry Day is set for 1 December, with a focus on financing and coproduction options in Russia.

The Coproduction Market will increase from 12 projects to 16 this year, with the addition of four Russian projects. They are:

1. 8 HEADS OF MADNESS, 8Heads Productions, Czech Republic, producer Julietta Sichel, director Marta Novakova

2. A LAND OF STORMS, Proton Cinema, Hungary, producer Viktoria Petranyi, director Adam Csaszi

3. EGGG, Maipo, Norway, producer Kristin Ulseth, director Hanne Larsen

4. FOOTBALL FOR BEGINNERS, Kuukulgur Film, Estonia, producer Jaak Kilmi, director Jaak Kilmi

5. FORGET-ME-KNOTS, Locomotive Productions, Latvia, producer Liga Gaisa, director Liina Paakspuu

6. JINGO, Opus Film, Poland, producer Ewa Puszcynska, director Slawomir Fabicki

7. NAKED HARBOUR, Edith Film/First Floor Productions, Finland, producers Liisa Penttilä/Pauli Pentti, director Aku Louhimies

8. NAME IN THE DARK, Fralita Films, Lithuania , producer Zivile Gallego, director Agne Marcinkeviciute

9. NECROMANCER, Laokoon Filmgroup, Hungary, producer Gabor Sipos, director Arpad Bogdan

10. PIZZAS, Hargla Company, Latvia, producer. Laila Pakalnina, director Laila Pakalnina

11. PURGE, Solar Films Inc, Finland, producer Markus Selin, director Antti Jokinen

12. UNDER ELECTRIC CLOUDS, Metrafilms, Russia, producer Artem Vassiliev, director Alexei German Jr.

Baltic Event for East:

1. IN THE FOG, Salvador D Production Company, Russia, producer Julia Mishkinene, director Sergei Loznitsa

2. LAST NOVEMBER, Amselfilm Productions, Germany/Russia, producer Natalia Drozd, director Benjamin Quabeck

3. THE FIND, Klepatski Production, Russia, producer Dimitri Klepatski, director Victor Dement

4. VOLONTAIRE, CTB Film Company, Russia, producer Sergey Selyanov, director Aleksander Rogozhkin