TALLINN: According to Statistics Estonia, in 2014 the country recorded the highest number of cinema admissions since the country’s restoration of independence in 1992. The overall number of tickets sold…
TALLINN: Secret Society of Souptown by Margus Paju has beaten the all-time opening weekend record for Estonian children films, with over 17,000 admissions.
TALLINN: Cinema admissions in Estonia reached 2.6 million in 2014, the highest number since it regained its independence in 1991, according to the Estonian Statistics Board.
TALLINN: The Estonian National Film Producers Union (ERPÜ) announced that it was accepted into the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) during organization’s General Assembly in Cannes on May…
TALLINN: The Black Nights Film Festival, held in Tallinn on 13-29 November 2015, and the European Commission announced their collaboration to explore the future of European cinema at a conference…
Market screenings of Estonian Films
TALLIN: The Baltic states' Forum Cinemas parent company Nordic Cinema Group has been acquired by UK-based private equity group Bridgepoint.
TALLINN: The fourth edition of Baltic Bridge East by West (B'EST) is calling for 12 participants to take part in the event. Seven of the selected projects will be from…
VIENTIANE: Oree Films embarks on Estonia's first ever co-production with Laos and France on the set of Dearest Sister, a supernatural drama set in Laos’ capital Vientiane. The film is…
TALLINN: The US produced Spring by Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson shot to the top of iTunes horror genre list for a week. Spring's special effects were done in Estonia…
TALLINN: Estonian Film Institute has announced the first round of this year’s minority coproduction grants. The grants total to 190,000 EUR out of the annual budget of 280,000 EUR and…
TARTU: The City Council of Tartu, Estonia’s second largest city, formally approved the launch of a regional cash rebate fund and set the fund’s initial annual budget at 150,000 EUR.
TALLINN: Elmo Nüganen’s historical epic 1944 has set a new opening weekend record in Estonia with 19,030 admissions.
LONDON: The Estonian and Georgian ambassadors along with the cream of the London filmmaking community turned out for a pre-Oscar screening of foreign Oscar contender Tangerines at the EBRD last…
TBILISI: Zaza Urushadze's Oscar-nominated drama Tangerines was bought by the American independent film company Samuel Goldwyn Films to be released later this year.
TALLINN: With more cinemas and digital screens opening, cinema-going stays popular in Estonia as admissions reached 1.97 per capita in 2014. The box office was predictably dominated by Hollywood children’s…
Estonian films screenings at EFM


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