PRODUCTION: Georgian Director Alexander Koridze In Production With Atonal Glow

Atonal Glow by Alexander Koridze Atonal Glow by Alexander Koridze

TBILISI: Georgian director Alexander Koridze is currently in production with his long documentary Atonal Glow. The first shoot started in Tbilisi in July 2019. The project is funded by the GNFC and Koridze himself is the producer. The filming is underway and the premiere of the film is expected in 2021.

"History is made up of political, social, cultural and other events, which influence and shape the society. As times goes by, most of these events are buried in the past and long forgotten. But some of them, like the emergence of brightly shining prodigies, withstand the test of time and space. One such shining star was born in Georgia, and his name is Tsotne Zedgenidze. He is a 10-year-old prodigy composer. He is a unique combination of childish simplicity and complex and mature emotions”, Alexander Koridze told FNE.

The film is produced by Koridze through the Georgian company Spark. The project was supported by the Georgian National Film Center with 11,848 EUR / 41,469 GEL in 2020. The rest is financed by Spark. The total budget is 88,000 EUR.

The production team is seeking a coproducing partner and a sales agent.

Koridze has participated in Berlinale Talent Campus twice. He has directed over 30 auteur and television films and participated in various international film festivals. In 2016 he founded his own production company Spark.

Production Information:

Atonal Glow by Alexander KoridzeSpark
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Director: Alexander Koridze
Producer: Alexander Koridze
Production Company: Spark
Screenwriters: Alexander Koridze
Dop: Alexander Koridze
Sound Operator: Niko Tarielashvili
Main Protagonists: Tsotne Zedginidze, Nino Mamradze