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Renessaince TV series from Bela Tarr

Gyorgy Karpati 2008-09-18
The National Cultural Fund of Hungary ( is supporting a Renessaince television series project from production company T.T. Filmmuhely under the artistic direction of Bela Tarr.

The Fund granted 5,000 euros for writing the screenplay of each episode and 35,000 euros for preproduction, for a total of 85,000 euros. T.T. Filmmuhely, which produced Tarr's The Man from London, invited ten illustrious Hungarian directors to make the individual episodes: Arpad Bogdan, Ildiko Enyedi, Peter Gothar, Attila Janisch, Andras Jeles, Agnes Kocsis, Karoly Makk, Kornel Mundruczo, Gyorgy Palfi and Janos Szasz. Each episode will be 55-60 minutes long. Completion of the project is planned for December 2010.

"Our goal with the project is to make a ten episode television series on the topic of Renessaince. Our concept is to reflect of the idea of the Renessaince not in historical context, but rather to reflect it in todays circumstances," the production company announced in a statement.

T.T. Filmmuhely was established in 2003 as a workshop to give directors the opportunity to make their films, under managing director Gabor Teni and artistic director Bela Tarr. Members of the Dramaturg Council are film critic Yvette Biro, Titanic Film Presence Festival director Gyorgy Horvath, director Andras Jeles, film professor Andras Balint Kovacs, and Tarr.


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