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Deak's Aglaja in preproduction

Gyorgy Karpati 2009-02-01
Krisztina Deak is in preproduction with Aglaja, a Hungarian-German-Romanian-Polish-Swiss co-production to be shot in May, Andras Muhi producer and head of the Hungarian Inforg Studio ( told FNE.

Deak was nominated for the Crystal Globe in Karlvoy Vary in 2000 for her film Jadviga's Pillow. Aglaja is based on a Chamisso Award novel. The drama about a mother-daughter relationship, stars Erika Marozsan. The cinematographer is Tibor Mathe.

The German co-production partner is the Intuit Pictures ( and producer Sandor Soeth. The Romanian co-producer is Giurgiu Tudor, ex-president of the Romanian National Television and now the head of the Libra Film Production Company ( The Polish producer is Radek Stys and production company Koncept Media. The Swiss production partner is Multimedia PSAG and producer Susanne Wach.

The budget of the movie is approximately €2.5 million. Hungarian support is some €1 million from the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (, The Foundation of the Hungarian Historian Film (, and the National Cultural Foundation ( The producters plan to apply to Eurimages support.

Filming will begin in May, for a 40 day shooting schedule. The premier is planned for 2010.


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