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Made in Hungaria opens in Hungary

Gyorgy Karpati 2009-02-02
The 40th Hungarian Film Week will close with Made in Hungaria (www.madeinhungaria.hu) directed by Gergely Fonyo.

The film is based on the musical Made in Hungaria which has been a huge success in the Hungarian theatres: more than 150,000 people saw it since its September 2001 premiere. The story relates the life of the famous Hungarian pop singer Miklos Fenyo whose family emigrated to America in the sixties and who returned to Hungary as a teenager to establish a rebellious rock n' roll band.

The film shot for a month during summer 2008. The €2 million film was produced by Next Station Productions (www.nextstation.hu), and co-produced by HCC Media Group's (www.hccmedia.hu) Jozsef Cirko and Sunny Film (www.sunnyfilm.hu). The media partner is the commercial channel TV2 (www.tv2.hu)

The director spent six years working in the US film industry. His feature debut Johnny Famous won the 31st Hungarian Film Week's Grand Prize in a tie. He followed with the 2006 blockbuster Young, Dumb and Full of Love.

The film will be released in Hungarian cinemas on February 12 on 33 prints. The distributor of the movie is Budapest Film Zrt. (www.budapestfilm.hu). World sales are still available

Directing: Gergely Fonyo
Screenplay: Istvan Tasnadi, Norbert Kobli
Cinematography: Sandor Csukas
Music: Miklos Fenyo, Robert Gulya
Film editing: Mano Csillag
Production: Next Station Productions
Producer: Adam Nemenyi, Jozsef Cirko
Co-producers: Andras Poos, Geza Kaszas
Executive Producer: Tamas Der

Tamas Szabo Kimmel
Tunde Kiss
Ivan Fenyo
Titania Valentin
Peter Scherer
Tamas Dunai
Eva Vandor
Geza Hegedus D.
Lehel Kovacs


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