Poligamy in preproduction

Written by Gyorgy Karpati

Denes Orosz begins filming his directorial debut Poligamy for production house Skyfilm on June 15.

The 33-day shooting schedule goes through mid-July, with location and studio filming expected.

Skyfilm (www.skyfilm.hu) producer Gabor Herendi is also a director of Hungarian blockbusters A Kind of America 1 and 2.

The estimated budget of the movie is €660,000 including €160,000 support coming from the Motion Picture Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu). TV2 (www.tv2.hu) co-produces.

Casting, which is to be completed within the next few days, is headlined by Sandor Csanyi (Control, Chameleon) and Katya Tompos (A Kind of America 2).

A romantic comedy spiked with intellectual humor and clever dialogue, Poligamy is the story of a couple whose life changes by coincidental circumstances.

The release of the movie is planned for the 2010 Hungarian Film Week. Negotiations are in progress with Hungarian distributors. Worldwide distribution rights are still available

Directing: Denes Orosz
Screenplay: Denes Orosz
Cinematography: Adam Fillenz
Film editing: Zoltan Kovacs
Production: Sky Film
Producer: Gabor Herendi

Sandor Csanyi

Katya Tompos



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