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Decreasing Hungarian ad market

Gyorgy Karpati 2009-05-28
The Hungarian ad market could see a 20% decrease in 2009.

According to the statistics of the Hungarian Advertising Association ( there was a net €717 million spending on the Hungarian advertising market in 2008, a 6.2% increase over 2007. The share of the TV of advertising market decreased in 2008 from 40.1% to 39%.

TNS Media Intelligence reported a decrease in the first three months of 6.5% in all media. The leading commercial TV channel RTL Klub ( reported a 16% decrease in income which is an estimated €3.5 million. The station has lowered most rates by 20% this year.

The ad spend per resident in dollars in Hungary is $92, still strong compared with neighboring coutries: $55 in Bulgaria, $78 in the Czech Republic, $56 in Slovakia, and $43 in Romania; but slim compared with $544 in the USA, $427 in Great Britain and $263 in Germany.

Experts say the market will rebound in 2010 when numbers will reach the 2008 results in Hungary.

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