Hungarian TV channels punished

By Dávid Dercsényi
    Hungarian commercial channel TV2 (http://tv2.hu) has been ordered to temporarily suspend broadcasting by the National Radio and Televison Comission (ORTT http://ortt.hu).

    The order to suspend broadcasts for 12 hours came just two weeks after the other major Hungarian commercial TV channel RTL Klub (http://rtlklub.hu) was given a similar sentence. The reason is the same: recurring violation the rating system on afternoon talk shows. in regard to materials deemed unfit for children.

    Both the channels are against the decisions and are appealing them. They would prefer to pay a fine, which can be maximum HUF 5.4 million (19,400 Euros). The suspensions could cause losses of up to HUF 30 million (EUR 107,600) in the off-season. The channels argue that the ORTT should punish only with fines, but the Comission dec;ares it has the right to choose the punishments.