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Newcomer in Hungarian distribution

Dávid Dercsényi 2009-09-10
Though the market of the independent films has shrunk in Hungary, a new distribution company recently entered the market: Palace Pictures.

Palace Pictures ( ) is owned by the Palace Cinemas (, which has an extensive cinema network in Eastern Europe. However, Palace Pictures does not distribute only to its own venues.

As a test, the company has begun by presenting one film per month, mostly American independent films. Palace Pictures cooperates with two big international owners of theatrical rights, Blue Sky ( ) and Hollywood Classics ( ). The manager of distribution Csilla Borka said that Palace Pictures has good experiences in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, so the departure of other distributors from Hungary created a gap in the market and was the right moment for the Palace Pictures to be launched.

The company's initial results have been promising. Accidental Husband was a big success, with more than 23,000 viewers in the first 10 days. Palace Cinema will present the sci-fi film District 9, the horror movie Sorority Row, and Baaria, the new film by Giuseppe Tornatore.