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Production: Tamás Sas filming Night of the Singles

Dávid Dercsényi 2009-10-16

Tamás Sas (Nine and Half Dates, S.O.S. Love) is in production with a romantic comedy, Night of the Singles (Szinglik éjszakája).

The film is one of three movies the director is working on this year. Shooting of The Lull (Szélcsend) a three-character chamber drama set in a boat is now completed, and Espresso 2 (Presszó 2) is in pre-production.

Planned as a genre movie, the script was developed by a team of writers. The original story is from Sándor Szélesi; the script was written by Péter Szajki, András M. Kovács and Nóra Zsigmond; and Sas, the producers József Cirkó and Tamás Dér, and the srcipt editor Judit Csikász did minor re-writes.

The film is produced by HCC Media ( and Movieline Enterntainment, the budget is quite high comparing to an average Hungarian one - HUF 497 million (EUR 1.9 million). The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (MMKA) granted the film HUF 30 million, and commercial station TV2 also invested in the film. The release is planned for Valentine's day of 2010.

The story is about four female friends who vow never to marry , but one of them changes her mind. The day of the wedding somebody steals the wedding rings and the young women set out to find them.

According to Sas this film is meant to be a contemporary fairy tale.


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