FNE at Hungarian Film Week: Team Building

Written by Dávid Dercsényi

Team Building, the debut feature of Réka Almási, looks at the curious development of capitalist Hungary through the twisted logic of team building management techniques.

Almási heard from a friend the story of a strange team building session where the company employees were given the opportunity to destroy an old coffee machine. The event turned into a collective smashing ritual - a metaphor for the inside tension not only in them but inside Hungary.

Almási graduated from the film class that included Ágnes Kocsis (Fresh Air), Áron Mátyássy (Lost Times), and Attila Gigor (The Investigator).

The film was shot in a run-down hotel in Budapest.

The budget of the film was HUF 103 million. The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary MMKA (www.mmka.hu) granted HUF 44 million, Hungarian Public Television MTV (www.mtv.hu) gave HUF 20 million. The film was made in coproduction with two Germam companies: 27 Films Production (www.27films.biz) and Superkrush Films (www.superkrush.com). They took advantage of Hungary's 20% film rebate. The Hungarian producer is Ferenc Pusztai, KMH Film (www.kmhfilm.com).

Cast:Zsolt Nagy, Péter Nagy, Andrea Fullajtár, Latham Alexis, Iván Kamarás, Péter Blaskó, Zoltán Géczi, Mariann Szalay, Ferenc Elek, János Derzsi, Emese Vasvári, Mária Varga


director: Réka Almási

script: Réka Almási

dop:Viktor Gibárti

editor: Csaba Tóth

co-producers: Oliver Damian, Chris J. Taylor

producers: Ferenc Pusztai

co-production partner: 27 Films Production (Germany)

Superkrush Films (Germany)

production company.: KMH Film

duration 90 min.


KMH Film

Tel. +36 1 414 0885