FNE at Hungarian Film Week: Question in Details (Köntörfalak)

Written by Dávid Dercsényi

After two fresh comedies (Tesó, Kész cirkusz), director Zsombor Dyga turned to the darker side in Question in Details, a film about triangular relationships filled with tension.

The key is the dialog; a girl and a guy meet on a blind date and end up at her flat... but not for the obvious purpose. They meet her brother, and their conversations reveal not only a crime, but many secrets and lies.

The film was shot in the office loft of the production company Filmteam (www.filmteam.hu). The director of photography Gábor Marosi used a digital RED camera for filming.

The film won a HUF10 million co-production grant from MMKA (www.mmka.hu), going toward the film's total budget of HUF 86 million. The Slovak co-production partner called Goldeneye Factory s.r.o..

{mosimage}cast: Ferenc Elek, Kátya Tompos, Roland Rába,


director/script: Zsombor Dyga

dop: Gábor Marosi

editor: Judit Czakó

co-producers: György Durst, Andrea Kozma

producer: István Major

co-production partner: Mediawave 2000 Kft., Goldeneye Factory s.r.o.

production company: Filmteam

duration 81 mins



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