FNE at Hungarian Film Week: Deathwaltz (Halálkeringő)

Written by Dávid Dercsényi

The Deathwaltz from director Krisztián Károly Köves is billed as the first modern Hungarian thriller.

Köves graduated from the University of Applied Arts (MOME) http://www.mome.hu/ . His debut feature is a depressing domestic thriller between detective father and the junkee-pregnant daughter.

The budget of the film is HUF 60 million, with some of the cast and crew being paid from the commercial income of the film -- an unusual arrangement in Hungary. The shooting lasted for 17 days. The two main characters are played by two mainstream actors (András Kern and Kata Dobó) never previously seen in a dark production like this.

The film received a grant from MMKA. The production company was the Filmpartners (/www.filmpartners.hu), Co-production partners were MTM-SBS Televízó ZRt. TV2 (www.tv2.hu), Sparks Kft., and Sysplex (www.sysplex.hu). The Deathwaltz was already released in cinemas, but the box office results were disappointing.

{mosimage}Cast: András Kern, Kata Dobó, Tamás Lengyel, Béla Mészáros

Dénes Újlaki

Director: Krisztián Károly Köves

Script: István Szabó (Peet Goodman)

DOP: Balázs Dobóczi

Editor: Ádám Fiers

Co-producer: Judit Romwalter, Péter Deák

Producer: Gábor Kovács

Co-production: MTM-SBS Televízó ZRt. (TV2), Sparks Kft., Sysplex

Production company.: Filmpartners Kft.

Duration 100 mins




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