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MMK Promises Grant Support for 17 New Hungarian Films

Zsolt Gyenge 2010-06-10

BUDAPEST: A total of 17 film projects have been accorded a declaration of intent for funding by the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation (MMKA - Included on the list are projects by internationally known directors György Pálfi, Szabolcs Hajdu and Ildikó Enyedi.*

Projects selected include Mirage, the new project of Szabolcs Hajdu, Le Grand Cahier, an Agata Kristof adaptation directed by János Szász, and The Man Who Hasn't Been Shot by by Attila Gigor

Both György Pálfi and Csaba Káel plan projects on the same 19th century lyric novel, Toldi, about a romantic popular Hungarian hero.

*MMKA, the organization that controls the overwhelming majority of public film funding in Hungary, by these declarations names the maximum amount to be accorded to certain films, but does not guarantee that it will finally finance them. The documents are valid for a period of maximum 6 months and are meant to help the producers in finding other partners and mounting the finances of the whole project.

The whole list can be seen here:

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