East Doc Series Debuts With Five Projects


RIGA: Five projects have been selected for the first session of East Doc Series, which takes place online at Baltic Sea Docs on 2 and 7 – 8 September 2020.

Sergei Trofimov, the Coordinator of the East Doc Series programme, said: “One of the most crucial elements which was taken in consideration from the beginning was the accordance of the project to classical or traditional television slots. As a result, five projects selected for the programme match the Architecture, History, Sport, Science, Crime, Investigation and Society slots. That means a clear representation for potential coproducers, decision makers and broadcasters.”

The introductory session of East Doc Series includes individual meetings with decision makers, consultations, lectures and case studies of docu-series.


Prophet of Doom (Poland, Russia, Spain, Ireland)
Directed by Nikolai Galitzine
Produced by NUR
Co-produced by Metrafilms

Slumbering Concrete (season 3) (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia)
Directed by Saša Ban
Produced by Hulahop

Queen of Chess (Hungary, Germany)
Directed by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter
Produced by Speak Easy Project
Co-produced by Deckert Distribution

Tin Can Race (Bulgaria)
Directed by Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov
Produced by AGITPROP

Villages of Light (Estonia)
Directed by Margit Lillak
Produced by Allfilm