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FNE at Meeting Point Vilnius: The King's Ring, Mellow Mud, Romeo n'Juliet Featured


VILNIUS: Latvia's historical adventure film The King's Ring, contemporary drama Mellow Mud and love story Romeo n'Juliet were presented at Meeting Point Vilnius (31 March -2 April 2015), in the last days of the 20th Vilnius Film Festival.

The King's Ring is set in Northern Europe in the 13th century, when the last pagans are fighting crusaders. Christianity had spread across the Viking lands, but in Semigallia the people are worshiping pagan gods. As the last pagan king is dying, he gives his magical ring to his nephew. A student of ancient pagan rituals, the nephew will have to use its knowledge in order to defeat an evil crusader who tries to take over the kingdom.

The producer Kristians Alhimionoks from Platforma Film told FNE: "We are coproducing with Kauno Kino Studija. The budget is around 2 m EUR. We have almost half of the budget from Latvian Film Centre. We will shoot most of it in our studio Cinevilla (Latvia), which is the largest filming backlot in Northern Europe. We are going to build a pagan/viking village there."

Mellow Mud by Renars VimbaAigars Grauba's film is produced by Latvia’s Platforma Film. The film has received funding from the Latvian National Film Centre. Producer Kristians Alhimionoks said in Vilnius that the film will be shot in English with an English and American cast. Shooting is set to start in August 2015. British film distribution company Kaleidoscope is attached to the project.

Renārs Vimba's debut feature Mellow Mud/ Es Esmu Seit is a contemporary drama about two teenagers, brother and sister, who grew up with their grandmother while the mother was working abroad. When grandmother dies, they have to choose between going to an orphanage and hiding her death. Director Renars Vimba said in Vilnius that he wanted to tell not the story of the ones who left the country, but of the ones who stayed.

The film wrapped shooting at the end of 2014 and is expected to be finished at the end of 2015. It is produced by Aija Berzina and Alise Geize through Tasse Film. This is the first feature produced by Tasse Film. The principal cast includes: Elina Vaska, Andzejs Janis Lilientals, Gerard Chaillou and Zane Jancevska.

Romeo and Juliet by Maris MartinsonsRomeo n'Juliet / Romeo un Džuljeta by Maris Martinsons was represented in Vilnius by its producer Linda Krukle who said that the film tackles a sensitive topic by placing the Shakespearian drama in today's Lavia where the Capulets are the Latvians and the Montagues are the Russian minority.

The film is in the last postproduction stage and it is produced by Krukfilms. Riga Tourism Development Bureau Foundation is supporting. German Andrejev and Laura Luize Dzenite are starring. The film was shot by the Dops Alise Zariņa and Jānis Eglītis

Production information:

Platforma Film
Elijas iela 17,
Riga, Latvia, LV - 1050
Phone: +371 29478233
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Tasse Film
Aija Berzina
Phone : + 371 26466014
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Alise Gelze
Phone: + 371 26156356
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Kalnciema 1A-11, Riga, LV 1048, Latvia
Phone + 371 2205 1060
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